The Osegueda Group

Since the last name Osegueda or Oseguera has been documented for more the six centuries, several branches of the name have disseminated all over the world. It would be impossible to connect everybody to the same root, hence there would be a number of Osegueda/Oseguera Family Trees. This is not an attempt to connect all family trees, rather to discuss how the last name might have originated in some parts of the world and then spread, for one reason or another, all over the world.

Several years ago, Osegueda/Oseguera joined social media in the form of a Facebook group called just that: Osegueda/Oseguera. There are more than 500 names already in this group and membership is voluntary. Anyone with a Facebook account can join anytime and share family experiences, pictures, documents, facts and meet new relatives or ask for long lost relatives

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